(7-28-22) A citizen’s group push to make Celina a Sanctuary city hit a ‘road bump‘ last week.

Email reply sent to the Outlook on July 18th on the status of the filing of a Sanctuary City ordinance petition from Kristi Rable, Director, Mercer County Board of Elections-

A petition was filed on July 18 and withdrawn today (July 20).

Should the petition for the ordinance be refiled, Celina city residents would have the opportunity to pass it and have it become law bypassing the city council… who voted down a similar proposal last November. Celina Mayor Jeff Hazel and council members have not committed to supporting either side of the issue, but seem relieved that the issue is ‘out of their hands‘.

The recent Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade has stimulated some friction between local groups that took place at a recent Mercer County Right to Life gathering at the Mercer County Courthouse.

The ordinance would eliminate elective abortions at any stage of pregnancy in Celina and prohibit Celina residents from aiding elective abortions. The petition that was submitted said that those who seek or receive an abortion would not be subject to persecution or penalties.

The Sanctuary City status would only be for the City of Celina, Mercer County would not be included.

No official reason has been given on why the petition was withdrawn.