(11-22-21) The Celina City Council has voted against the 3rd and final reading of the ordinance outlawing abortion and making the City of Celina a sanctuary for the unborn. The vote was 4 to 3, Two Republicans and two democrats voted against passing, while two Republicans and one Democrat voted to pass.

Voting yes were council members Eric Clausen (R), Eric Baltzell (R) and Mark Fleck (D).

Voting no were council members Eric Lochtefeld (D), June Scott (D) , Myron Buxton (R) and Mike Sovinski. (R)

The issue may not be over…the possibility of a referendum on the subject is being discussed locally. Councilman Mike Sovinski, who voted no, told WCSM ‘I do not doubt that probably will be a successful movement. At least the people of Celina will make that decision not just seven people sitting here’. Councilman Eric Clausen, who voted yes, told WCSM that he expects the issue to show up on a ballot in the future ‘The residents came in and said they were for this by a 80-20 margin.’