(7-19-22) The Outlook received the following message today on its Facebook page-

Since you were so quick to share the video by the right-wing Aletheia people, perhaps you’d like share this one.

Below is the You Tube video sent to us –

The Trans Atheist: Nurse Fired for Reproductive Freedom

The Trans Atheist with Arienne. In this episode we discuss a situation out of Mercer County, Ohio where a nurse has been fired for her participation in a Pro-Choice protest.

The video that she mentions was posted in an Outlook posting on July 9th, 2022 – Video Of Pro-Abortion Protestors At Recent Mercer County Right To Life Rally

The events talked about happened on Monday, June 27th at the “Roe v Wade Falls” At Mercer County Courthouse rally by Mercer County’s Right To Life.