(6-22-21) Shawn Billger, the father of Tre’, has set-up a change.org petition asking the Celina Police Department to do an investigation of his death…the post is looking to get 1,000 signatures, when this was posted 697 had already signed it.

To sign the change.org petition – Tre’ Billger’s Death

Below is the request as it appears on change.org

Shawn Billger started this petition to City of Celina Police Department and

My son Tre’ 26 went missing around Valentine’s Day of 2020, and was found 4 weeks later on Saint Patrick’s day, dead and floating in Grand Lake! Tre’ was a good swimmer and his death was not an accident and there should have been an investigation into his death!

Tre’ Billger did not fall in the lake and drownand there is no proof of it at all.There is plenty of proof of foul play and he deserves justice and family deserves closure and peace!

There is multiple things missing from the police report and multiple things in the police report that were never investigated!

Cops first response to a distraught father looking for his son was that he is out on a bender! Tre had never missed work or ghosted the world before!

Why was I told that we don’t have the manpower or resources to look for your son when they know he is diagnosed as bipolar schizophrenic and not able to function well off his meds!

Why cops say Ricky would not do that cuz he works with us? Why did I receive death threats to my daughter and I with the name Jesse if I didn’t stop trying to find the truth on what happened to tre’ and nothing done about it when I reported it to police?

Why was there a death threat reported to the police that stated must kill Billger boy if don’t pay up and Bob Gillis name and white truck on note and there was no follow up until weeks later when I posted it on Facebook?

The justice has ultimately failed my son and his family and the ones responsible for his death need to be brought to justice so his family can get closure and peace!

Tre could swim across the lake and it’s impossible that he happened to fall in lake and drowned in middle of winter!

Tre’s mother said he left a wallet with so much money in it at her place but he was found in lake with exact same amount of money in a wallet!

Not one piece of evidence that Tre fell into lake and drowned!! Why was this case closed so fast? Why was he disrespected and treated in humane every time I communicated with police? Why was Tre neglected and not looked for?