(6-23-21) Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey has been awarded the Sheriff James Karnes Law Enforcement Executive of the Year. Sheriff Grey was recognized for his continued support of DARE in the community. Sheriff Grey has made it a priority that Mercer County students get the opportunity in elementary and middle school to learn how to make safe and responsible decisions from DARE deputies.

Sheriff Grey was honored on 6/20/21 by DARE Ohio.

About the “Sheriff James Karnes LE Executive” Award

Is there an outstanding Law Enforcement Executive in your Department? Reward them with a nomination for the D.A.R.E. Ohio “The Sheriff James Karnes Law Enforcement Executive” Award!

Requirements:  Nominations must be submitted by an Active DARE Officer. Nominations can also be made by a City Council member, a member of the County Commisioners, or a member of the local School Board, with the support of the DARE Officer. Nominations will not be accepted from an immedate family member of the Executive or Supervisor. The nominee must be a leader and demonstrate high moral standards for themselves and others.  The nominee must have shown tremendous dedication and support of DARE by going above and beyond what is normally expected in the position. The nominee must stand out in his/her commitment to DARE. The nominee’s department must currently provide the DARE Program in their community.