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(8-13-19) Dean Dearth (62) Celina is in the Mercer County Adult Detention Center after he was charged with making a false alarm Monday morning.

Mercer County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to Lot 29 at 7696 State Route 219 just before 11 am. Dispatch was advised a caller had a man in his house and was holding him at gun point. The caller would later change his claim that stated the subject had left the residence, after he had fired a couple of shots to scare him away.

Dearth did admit to drinking alcohol before he made the call. A firearm was located in the residence and secured by the deputies. Dearth had photographs that he claimed showed the subjects had been in his trailer, but they did not show anyone being present during the incident.

Dearth was arrested and charged with making a false alarm, which is a first degree misdemeanor.

Dearth will appear tomorrow in Celina Municipal Court at 3 pm.