(5-18-23) Van Wert County natives Cody and Taylor Hesseling of Hesseling Bros. Productions, in association with the Van Del Drive-In Theater (19986 Lincoln Hwy, Midddle Point) have announced the June 1 world premiere of the movie “The Demons Within.”

The film went into production in August, 2022 in various locations in Middle Point.

Official Trailer for THE DEMONS WITHIN

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When 17 year old Izzie starts receiving calls and texts from unknown origins on her phone she begins to question her sanity. As event unfold a young girl who doesn’t believe in anything must turn to her distant parents and even faith to help her as she combats THE DEMONS WITHIN. Inspired by true events.

The Demons Within is a supernatural thriller starring Spencer “Spooky” Madison, Alisha Seaton, Shane Thompson, Andre Gower, JF Davis, Jessica Arden Napier, Ryan Lambert, Vincent M Ward, and Deborah Foreman. This classic tale of good vs evil offers a modern twist as we follow Izzy Wagner on her decent into madness and possession.

Directed by Stephanie Hensley

Written by Roberta Griffin

Produced by The Hesseling Bros and Jeff Davis