A Colonial Village, created by 4th-6thgrade students of DeColores Montessori School in Greenville, is currently on display on the first floor of GPL. Montessori students Caleb Miller and Tara Segar carefully delivered all 19 of the structures with the assistance of their teacher, Mr. Terry Sibery. The village will be on exhibit until the middle of May.

(5-1-23) GREENVILLE – The Decolores Montessori’s Upper Elementary Colonial Village Project is now on display at Greenville Public Library.

This collection of colonial buildings is built to scale with all construction and calculations completed by the students. The kids were also responsible for a written report on their chosen structure, and a summarization of that report to be displayed with their final creation.

Each project was constructed using hand tools only, which many students were using for the first time. Hand drills, saws, planes, sanders, and hot glue guns were a few of the tools used. Plans were also hand-drawn by students and followed closely during the construction phase.

The students completed these amazing structures over the course of a semester. Most worked in teams of two and were paired up according to their interest in similar projects. 

The village will remain available for viewing through the middle of May. Information sheets on the project are available for those wanting to learn more about this tremendous display. Congratulations to all of the Montessori students on a job well done!