(7-9-21) The following was a rating the Outlook received from a local resident on our coverage of Grand Lake-

XXXXX doesn’t recommend Mercer County Outlook.

This is always negative news and there’s much more to life without all that. The Daily Standard is the same way so think about how that shapes people. Not a good window of Mercer County. I think that’s likely why we have 17000 people who follow Friends of Grand Lake.

Mercer County Outlook

Daily Standard

Evening Leader

The comment we received about the Outlook’s coverage is appreciated from the local resident who is a strong supporter of Grand Lake.

The recent story we posted about the red signs posted at area lake locations were concerns of another local resident about water conditions of the lake.

Local media outlets, including the Outlook, have posted stories about the lake’s condition…both positive and negative – based on information that the state issues on water quality.

The issues facing Grand Lake are not just specific to the local conditions, but around the country.

The Outlook, along with the other media outlets, applauds the work of the Lake Improvement Association (LIA) in their efforts to help find solutions.

Tomorrow the LIA is holding its July Meeting, you are encouraged to attend –

The July 2021 Lake Improvement Association Member Meeting will be held at 10am this Saturday, July 10, at the Celina Moose. Our agenda includes: –

  • Water quality and algae bloom updates with Dr. Stephen Jacquemin-
  • GLSM State Park updates with David Faler-
  • West Beach updates-
  • Dredging updates with Tom Grabow-
  • LED channel marker project updates-
  • Northwood Lighthouse Preservation Project updates

The public and media are invited to attend the meeting.