sm awards

(3-10-22) The Clear Passage Geriatric Psychiatric Center located on the 5th floor of Joint Township District Memorial Hospital were the recipients of the Horizon Health’s 2018 Mental Health Outcomes award. Clear Passage was one of ninety programs considered for this award. This award recognizes a program for its outstanding dedication to clinical excellence and patient outcomes. The program is a leader in monitoring and demonstrating clinical proficiency. The recipient of this award provides high clinical quality to patients and families, exceeds clinical benchmarks, and provides evidence of their performance through the use of an outstanding monitoring system, and data sharing.

Clear Passage provides a 24-hour treatment program to adults 55 and older experiencing mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and other conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior. The compassionate team of Clear Passage consists of knowledgeable and experienced psychiatrists, social workers, registered nurses, recreation therapists and nursing assistants. The therapeutic program schedule includes a variety of multi-modal therapies and activities that will be used to meet each patient’s individual needs. Collaboratively the team works with each patient and their family to develop a treatment plan that will assist in improving quality of life.

For more information about Geriatric Psychiatric Center at Joint Township Hospital, please contact Jody Shaw, Program Director at 419-394-3387, ext. 2505 or you can contact the unit directly at 419-394-9505