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Bubp-Kittle, Lentz and McKee

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Noggler, Steen and Stickrath

(6-6-19) Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey announced today several arrests on June 5, 2019 from the H.I.T. (Heroin Interdiction Team). The team was composed of members of the Sheriff’s Office, Grand Lake Task Force, and officers from both the Celina Police Department and Coldwater Police Department.

Arrested were:

Travis Stickrath, age 34, of West Bank Road, Celina, for Driving Under the Influence and No Operators License after being stopped for a traffic offense on West Bank Road, Celina.

Danny Steen, Age 28, of 409 Sugar Street, Celina, for Possession of Heroin and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was arrested on Livingston Street after a traffic stop and a K9 alerted to his vehicle.

Zachary Lentz, Age 25, of 241 Kenneth Drive, St. Henry, Ohio for Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments and Obstructing Official Business. He was arrested on a traffic stop as well, after a K9 alerted to his vehicle.  A passenger in this vehicle, Emily McKee, Age 27, of 1905 Kingsbury Drive, St. Marys for Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments.

Steven Noggler, 117 N. LeBlond Street, Celina, for Driving Under Suspension and an arrest warrant after being stopped due to the warrant.

Nikki Bubp-Kittle, Age 40, of 622 Plum Dr., Coldwater, Ohio for Possession of suspected Meth and Possession of Drug paraphanelia. She was arrested in a traffic stop for expired registration and subsequently a K9 alerted to her vehicle.

Numerous other citations and warnings were issued for traffic violations during this event.