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(2-21-19) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says he will ask Ohio lawmakers to pass an 18 cent per gallon increase to the state’s gas tax to be used as funds to repair Ohio’s road’s.

DeWine said there are no other solutions outside a gas tax increase.

DeWine in a radio interview with WTAM in Cleveland:

“It’s irresponsible for me to go out and tell the people we should go borrow money so we can fix our roads, We gotta face the problem.”

In a WKSU story during the campaign for Governor,  DeWine promised that he wouldn’t raise taxes, during the final debate with his opponent.

“If you total up all the money Richard (Cordray) says he’s going to spend, there’s absolutely no way that you could do this without raising taxes. It’s abundantly clear that he wants to raise taxes.”

What a gas tax increase will cost you –


Yearly increase based on filling up one time per week (52 times)