(2-25-19) In an email sent to the media this morning:

Dr. Kenneth J. Schmiesing, Superintendent – Celina City Schools

The Celina Police Department investigated an on-line post made by one of our high school students last night. It involved an AirSoft pellet gun. The police shared after their investigation that there was no threat to students or the school.

Thank you,

Celina Police Department Release

On Sunday, February 24, 2019 at about 10:43 PM Celina officers responded to a complaint from a concerned citizen regarding threats to the City Schools.  A Celina High School student was involved with a group on social media and posted a video clip of himself holding a realistic looking handgun.  He told the others that they had better not go to school the next day.

The caller was rightfully concerned and reported the incident to police.  The investigation revealed that the gun was an airsoft BB gun which did look real.  The student who made the post was cooperative with police and stated it was a joke.  Officials at the Celina City Schools were notified and will take disciplinary actions.  The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office is also expected to file charges later today for inducing panic.

The Celina Police Department takes this and all such incidents which present a threat or potential threat to our students seriously.  We will always investigate pursue charges regardless of the reasoning behind the threat.  These types in incidents are never a joke and will never be treated as such.

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