(6-18-18) Former Allen County Sheriff Samuel A. Crish was indicted today on federal charges alleging he took nearly $100,000 in bribes from drug dealers and others while in office.

Crish (54) who resides in Delphos was charged in U.S. District Court in Toledo with three counts of bribery, two counts of extortion, and one count of making false statements. Crish, was arrested today, is accused of soliciting or extorting the money from five people between 2012 and 2016. He is also accused of lying to federal investigators.

His indictment follows an FBI raid on his office in Lima in September, 2016, and his resignation in January, 2017.

This follows shortly after eight Lima area residents were arrested last week on drug trafficking in Allen and Van Wert Counties.

US Attorney Justin E. Herdman

“The conduct described in these charges is as offensive as it is audacious. Demanding bribes from drug dealers, gamblers, and johns arrested in prostitution stings reads like something out of a bad movie.”

Crish was hired by the sheriff’s office in 1991 and, before being elected sheriff on the Republican ticket, worked as commander of the investigations division and the West Central Ohio Crime Task Force.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen D. Anthony

“Mr. Crish tarnished his badge when he chose to use his official capacity to influence criminal investigations and to protect his self-interests. He further exacerbated the situation by lying to the FBI in an attempt to conceal his criminal conduct.”