(8-21-17) It is the time of the year for all of the local schools to go back into session.  With that comes  renewed concerns for our children’s safety and the safety of the motoring public.  Flashing yellow and red lights are a sure signal to drivers that school buses are making you aware that children will soon be boarding or departing the bus.  Drivers need to be attentive in school zones and when school buses are stopped.  While stopping and waiting for buses may be a slight inconvenience, it is a small price to pay for the safety of the children.

School Bus

The Sheriff’s Office will be stepping up patrols during schools hours.  In an effort to enhance school bus safety, Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey is reinstating the School Bus Riding Program for all six schools districts in Mercer County.  A deputy will randomly be assigned to a school bus in Mercer County each week to look for school bus passing violations.  Last year’s program consisted of placing deputies on school buses (33) times.  The deputies spent over (47) hours on school buses last school year.

Sheriff Grey, stated:

“now is the time of the year that we need take a little bit of extra time and care to ensure that our children get to school safely.”

It is also important for our children to understand the need for proper behavior while riding the bus to school.  While school bus drivers concentrate on the roadways and other drivers, the students must do their part as well.

“Respect, Responsibility and Restraint are the new 3 R’s to be learned”

Motorists will also have to make adjustments while driving. They need to “slow down” and stop while students board and depart from the buses.  They also have to be aware of children walking and riding their bicycles to and from school.  It is the goal of the Sheriff’s Office to have a safe beginning to this school year.