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(7-27-17) The Celina Police Department update on driving golf carts on Celina City streets:

The Celina Police Department has received a number of calls with questions regarding the legalization of golf cart usage on city streets. The main questions are when will we be conducting inspections and what to expect.

The ordinance is expected to go into effect on or about August 10th. At which time we will set up a date for open inspections and then we will conduct them by appointment. We are currently waiting for inspection stickers to be printed.

What we expect when you bring you golf cart for inspection will be that it is legally registered with license plates to be driven on Ohio roads, the owner is the person registering the vehicle and has a valid driver’s license with them. Proof of insurance is required. It must be motor vehicle insurance on that specific vehicle.

Most equipment on the vehicle will be what is required by the state in the first place when you get it registered for license plates. However, the City of Celina additional requires properly installed seat belts for every occupant. Other required equipment includes: brakes, brake lights (2), head lights (2), tail lights (2), a horn, steering mechanism, windshield, rearview mirror, tires in safe condition, turn signals (2 front and 2 rear), a white rear license plate.


At the time of inspection, we will provide you with a copy of the Celina ordinance governing the rules for these vehicles. We will also place an inspection sticker on the rear of the vehicle so officers will know you have a legally inspected vehicle.

Please be patient with us as we continue to work out the logistics of these inspections. We will publicize the first date and location of open inspections as soon as we schedule it.