Workers for the Big O Amusements assemble the Starship 2000 for the 2016 Auglaize County Fair. This particular ride was the most popular at the 2015 fair.

(7-27-17) The tragic loss of life on the Fire Ball Ride at last night’s Ohio State Fair now puts the spotlight on two area county fairs. The Auglaize County Fair will run from July 30th to August 5th, while the Mercer County Fair is slated for August 11th to the 17th.  The heart of each fair is the Midways that feature numerous games and rides.

Tickets for both fairs have the cost of entering the fair and buying ride tickets.

Mercer County Fair

  • Poor Jack Amusements
  • Ride Wrist Bands – Pre-sale $35 for the entire Fair week
  • Daily Ride Wrist Bands – $9.00

Cara Muhlenkamp Mercer County Fair Manager:

“Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all individuals involved in the tragic accident that happened yesterday at the Ohio State Fair. At this time, we are remembering everyone in our thoughts and prayers. The Mercer County Fair Board contracts with Poor Jack Amusements each year to provide amusement rides for our fair. Each year these rides are inspected by the ODA’s Division of Amusement Ride Safety before fair patrons start enjoying them. We have never had any issues with Poor Jack Amusements and do not anticipate any this year. We look forward to the start of the 165th Mercer County Fair on August 11th.”

Auglaize County Fair

Big O

In a statement from the Auglaize County Fair officials:

Our ride company, Big O Amusements has a great ride safety reputation and will be diligently checking each ride, especially with the recent tragic accident. The rides are also checked and approved by the State of Ohio Inspector and again, I am sure they will be checking them multiple times due to yesterday’s accident. WE will take every step necessary to insure that we feel safe and comfortable for the safety of our fair patrons.

Let me know if you have any other questions and thank you for the great coverage of our fair and your concern for the safety of everyone visiting our fair….we are “The Family Fair” and will strive to keep all safe while providing great family fun!

Both fairs are under the same inspections and inspectors as the Ohio State Fair, with the Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Amusement Ride Safety in control.

According to their information on the web:

Known around the world for its number of high-quality roller coasters and stationary rides, Ohio’s amusement ride industry continues to grow. ODA continues to ensure the safety of all amusement rides within the state of Ohio; a staple of summertime entertainment. Ohio boasts one of the best ride inspection programs in the country.



Laws and Rules Governing Amusement Rides in Ohio – INSPECTION

Ride Regulations.jpg

It’s not known what effect the Ohio State Fair situation will have on the remaining Ohio County Fairs. Last night Ohio Governor Kasich shut down all of the rides and wants each one inspected and approved again.  This will take time and man-power to do over seventy rides on site.