(4-22-23) The following has been posted on Faceback and shared with others –

If you live on the west side of Celina, there is an older guy in a red car giving kids neon glow sticks trying to get them into his car. I tried to get his license plate number but it was to dark. Just be aware and protect your babies

The Outlook contacted both the Celina Police and Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey on this report.

Celina PD in a response to us said that no one has reported this incident.

Sheriff Grey replied by email –

The Sheriff’s Office has not had a report of this type, however, parents should use caution, know where your young children are and make sure your young children do not go near strangers for any reason. If a stranger approaches them, they should run away from the stranger, and tell a trusted adult right away.

In you have seen this or any other situation like this taking place anywhere in the area…be sure to contact your local law enforcement with any concerns.