CELINA (12-14-21)– The Mercer County Health District (MCHD) has seen a recent increase in calls and voicemails. Please be advised, we are in the process of changing our phone greeting menu in hopes of better accommodating the community’s needs. We kindly ask community members to not leave multiple messages as this will delay our response times. The MCHD staff will make every effort to return voicemails by the end of the following business day.

Additionally, the MCHD continues to receive reports of many COVID-19 cases daily. We kindly ask our community to be patient with MCHD staff as they work to meet the demands of this workload. As a reminder, the MCHD advises anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 to stay at home and isolate from others. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 will be contacted by MCHD or the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), but this may take several days due to the significant number of cases. If you have tested positive, please do not ignore calls from a 216-area code as this will delay the process of obtaining an isolation or quarantine letter for your school or employer.