(12-2-21) Today in a statement to WCSM Radio Celina Republican Mayor Jeff Hazel supports and defends the four council members who are currently facing a petition calling for a recall. The four council members, two Republicans and two Democrats, voted no on the recent Sanctuary City and Abortion ordinance.

Hazel said:

‘determined to recall an elected official perhaps without a sound basis’

‘what is most important is that Celina comeback together that we can have civil discourse and that we do not need to be separated over issues of somebody disagreeing with their vote or agreeing with their vote’

Mayor went on to say in the statement that those concerned with the negative vote on the Sanctuary city ordinance have the option to bring it up as a referendum issue…not a recall of the council members.

In late October Hazel told dayton247.com

“I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone around here, I certainly am pro-life. I understand people making a choice, it’s not about mind control, it’s not about telling people what to do. I also believe we have an obligation as adults to speak for unborn children.”