(12-1-21) The Mercer Count Board of Elections is in the process of verifying signatures and getting legal opinions on the validity of the Celina City Council members recall petition process.

Below is a statement on the process as of this afternoon—

Kristi Rable Mercer County Board of Elections 

We are currently in the process of verifying signatures on the 4 petitions.   Petitions of this sort had not been presented to this office in the past.  We are working with our legal department, the prosecuting attorney’s office, and will not act until we have a clear legal path on how to proceed.

The Board of Elections forwarded us digital copies, with signatures.

Below is just the top of one of the petitions filed for one council member on the 29th, each council member was on a separate petition and all four were not grouped together but individually.

Below is the Ohio Revised Code stated in the petition –