(11-21-21) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on Saturday signed a bill approving the newly proposed congressional map.

Senate Bill 258 was passed by the Senate on Tuesday and the House on Thursday.

Roll Calls

2021-11-18 – HouseHouse Passed (Y: 55 N: 37 NV: 0 Abs: 0) [PASS]
2021-11-17 – HouseHouse Favorable Passage (Y: 8 N: 5 NV: 0 Abs: 0) [PASS]
2021-11-16 – SenateSenate Passed (Y: 24 N: 7 NV: 0 Abs: 0) [PASS]
2021-11-16 – SenateSenate Favorable Passage (Y: 5 N: 2 NV: 0 Abs: 0) [PASS]

The new map, proposed by Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon), will go into effect in early 2023 and remain active for four years.

DeWine issued the following statement on his decision to sign SB 258:

When compared to the other proposals offered from House and Senate caucuses, both Republican and Democrat, the map in SB 258 makes the most progress to produce a fair, compact, and competitive map. The SB 258 map has fewer county splits and city splits than these recent proposals and the current congressional map. The SB 258 map keeps Lucas and Stark counties, as well as the Mahoning Valley, whole within single congressional districts for the first time in decades, and also keeps the cities of Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, and Toledo all whole within the same congressional map for the first time since the 1840s. With seven competitive congressional districts in the SB 258 map, this map significantly increases the number of competitive districts versus the current map.

With the new map in place Mercer County and neighboring Auglaize County will not be in the same district. Mercer will in the 5th District and Auglaize County in the 4th District.

The 5th District stretches from Mercer County east to Lorain County, with portions or all of 11 counties.

Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters released a statement:

“There’s only one thing you can count on Mike DeWine for: naked, partisan self-interest. By signing these despicable maps into law, DeWine is leaving no doubt he will always put his own political interests over the interests of Ohioans he is supposed to serve. DeWine and the Ohio GOP are doing everything and anything they can to prevent voters from holding them accountable at the ballot box while they continue to betray Ohioans at every turn.”