COLUMBUS, Ohio— (10-7-21) Ohio State Representatives Marilyn John (R-Richland County) and Riordan McClain (R-Upper Sandusky) announced in a press conference the introduction of HB 290.

House Bill 290, better known as the Backpack Bill, will extend school choice to all students throughout Ohio, expanding their educational opportunities.  The General Assembly recently passed a robust school funding overhaul, which takes strides toward identifying the costs associated with the individual education of each child.  In addition to identifying the costs of a quality education, we should ensure tax dollars are being used to improve outcomes for Ohio’s children.

As we have pressed forward through the COVID-19 pandemic, more challenges within local school districts have become visible.  Whether it is how to open schools safely, how to engage students virtually, or what is appropriate to teach our children, students have suffered and lost more during this pandemic than most.

It is time to provide choice for all parents and students about what is best for them individually.

John said –

“With students and families as the priority, Representative McClain and I are introducing the Backpack Bill, HB 290 to address the issues mentioned. This bill will empower the families of Ohio’s students to choose the educational option that best meets their needs.  It will ensure state funding is and will continue to be tied to students and teachers rather than buildings and bureaucrats.”

The Backpack Bill will ensure the State of Ohio maintains a strong funding system for community and public schools.

John added –

“We must ensure all students and families have equal opportunity and can achieve high educational outcomes no matter their zip code or bank account.”

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