Confirmed COVID 19 Cases In Mercer County (Mercer County Health District)

MonthNumber of Confirmed Cases
March (First case on 3/24/2020)5 cases
April19 cases
May190 cases
June56 cases
July239 cases
August295 cases
September 284 cases
October545 cases
November1,116 cases
December635 cases 
January 2021387 cases
February 2021120 cases
March 202152 Cases
April 2021113 Cases
May 202164 Cases
June 202114 Cases
July 202133 Cases
August – Present8 Cases

(8-4-21) As America faces concerns about a rise in confirmed cases of COVID 19…let us take a look at the numbers since tracking began in March of 2020 in Mercer County.

In 2020 from March 24 to December 31st the Mercer County Health District reported 3,184 confirmed cases, so far in 2021 the MCHD has reported that from January 1st, 2021 to August 4th there have been 739 confirmed cases. November, the highest number of cases recorded in 2020, had 1,116 cases, which is 377 more cases then those that have been reported in all of 2021 with a total of 739 cases. In 2021…January has had the highest reported cases with 387, February had 120 cases and April had 113 cases. The remaining months have had 64 cases or lower.

MCHD reports do not separate Delta variant cases from the original strain, if there has even been any reported to the MCHD at this point in time. The national concern has been with this variant, yet the local numbers seem to be low. Do those numbers push the button to mandate masks?

The numbers or the ‘science’ of them doesn’t seem to indicate a crisis is taking place at this time. In the most recent update no figures are given for the percentage of Mercer County residents that have had a vaccine shot. Some recent mask mandates also include those who have been vaccinated, does that mean it is not working and is that a concern?

FDA requires manufactures to include the following for prescription drugs when advertised to the public:

This is the technical name for the detailed information that appears in ads for prescription drugs. The law requires that print ads making claims about a drug (product claim ads) include a “brief summary” with all the risks listed in the drug’s “prescribing information” and at least one FDA-approved use of the drug. The brief summary generally includes:

  • Who should not take the drug
  • When the drug should not be taken
  • Possible serious side effects of the drug and, if known, what can be done to lower the chance of having them
  • Frequently occurring, but not necessarily serious, side effects

The “brief summary” includes a lot of information, so it is usually presented on its own page of a print ad. When the “brief summary” is part of an ad directed at the consumer, the FDA encourages drug companies to use language consumers can easily understand.

Yet when the COVID 19 vaccines are being promoted in any form on TV or other media sites this information has not been included in the ad? A red flag? Has the FDA overlooked that?

Here is an example of a prescription drug that is well known ‘Xarelto’: