(8-4-21) The following was posted on Mercer Landmark’s website announcing the new partnership.

We are extremely excited to announce the uniting of two regional premier feed suppliers into a single operating company, allowing us to better service and support the producers in Ohio and Indiana.

The leadership at Mercer Landmark and Sunrise Cooperative have agreed to form a new company that will manage and operate both existing feed businesses as a single entity.

The new company, to be named later, will be jointly owned by Mercer Landmark and Sunrise Cooperative. Mercer Landmark will be the managing partner and responsible for operations and administration, much like our role at MPS.

MPS is not included in this new company and will continue to operate separately. However, with Mercer Landmark being managing partner of both companies, this will significantly strengthen our purchasing position for ingredients and grain, providing benefits for all our customers

Sunrise Cooperative’s corporate offices are currently in Fremont.

Locations of current Sunrise Coop facilities: