(8-3-21) With the start of the new school year an effort by a large group of Ohio Public Schools are moving forward with a plan to file a lawsuit to stop the Ohio’s EdChoice school voucher program.

The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program provides students from designated public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. The program also provides low-income students who are entering kindergarten through 12th grade scholarship opportunities.

Locally one school, Celina Immaculate Conception Grade School, benefits from EdChoice Ptogram. Other schools in the region who are part of the program or are eligible includes Delphos St. John’s, Lima Central Catholic, Lehman Catholic and Temple Christian.

From the Vouchers Hurt Ohio web site

Our coalition is growing as more and more school districts join our fight to challenge the constitutionality of the harmful school voucher program that is siphoning funds from our public schools at alarming rates. While charter and private schools enjoy subsidies from the state, public schools are struggling to provide quality education that Ohio’s constitution mandates. We are building a broad coalition to bring our argument before the Ohio Supreme Court and reign in the out-of-control voucher program that’s hurting our kids, our schools, parents, educators, businesses, our communities and all of us.

As of today 74 school districts have signed up, none of them come from the immediate Stateline area at this time. School districts from the region include Crestview, Spencerville, Greenville, Ottawa-Glandorf, Mississinawa Valley and Piqua.

According to the Vouchers Hurt Ohio web site the reasoning behind possible legal actions-

How do private school vouchers hurt Ohio?

The private school voucher program hurts our schools and our kids by funneling money away from our public schools into private schools. Parents that want to send their kids to private school use the private school voucher program as a refund and rebate system so that they can use taxpayer money to fund their childs’ private education. A Cleveland TV station investigation found two of every three students in the private school voucher program were not previously enrolled in the local public schools.

What issues will Vouchers Hurt Ohio cite to win a lawsuit against the private school voucher program?

Our legal team is exploring a wide range of issues that include the unconstitutionality of the school voucher program, unlawful diversion of tax revenues, religious issues, the Thorough and Efficient Clause in the Ohio Constitution, equal protection, and other issues.