(7-27-21) A 5-foot alligator was captured and removed from New Lake near Columbia City, Indiana.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Captain Jet Quillen received a report about the alligator on Sunday and sent a conservation officer out to investigate and again on Monday night…but did not locate the gator,

A resident fishing in the area caught the alligator with a trebel hook later, after being caught the gator was put down.

photo provided

Quillen said that DNR does not regulate alligators, but you must permit them with the State of Indiana once they are 5 feet or larger.

According to the ODR web site

You can not sell – The sale of crocodilians 5 feet or more in length.

When do you need a special permit? – A wild animal possession permit with special confinement parameters are required for individuals owning crocodilians 5 feet or more in length, any venomous reptile, or an
endangered species of reptile (must be obtained lawfully).

No word who the alligator belongs to according to officials.

It happens a lot that someone has the alligator as a pet and raises it, only to find it is to hard to handle and it either escapes or is placed in a lake.