(6-18-21) Mercer County is in the midst of a severe weather situation, including a tornado being spotted in Ft. Recovery this afternnon.

The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued a* Tornado Warning for… Northeastern Darke County in west central Ohio… Southern Mercer County in west central Ohio…* Until 445 PM EDT.*

At 411 PM EDT, a confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado was located over Fort Recovery, moving east at 30 mph. This is a PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS SITUATION. TAKE COVER NOW! HAZARD…Damaging tornado. SOURCE…Radar confirmed tornado.

Radar shows tornado debris in the air. IMPACT…You are in a life-threatening situation. Flying debris may be deadly to those caught without shelter. Mobile homes will be destroyed. Considerable damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles is likely and complete destruction is possible.*

Locations impacted include… Coldwater, St. Henry, Fort Recovery, Osgood, Chickasaw, Burkettsville, North Star, Montezuma, New Weston, Yorkshire, Maria Stein, Eldora Speedway, Carthagena and Willowdell.

around 4:15 pm today –