(6-9-21) Former U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci (62) a businessman and former Wadsworth mayor who served in Congress from 2011 to 2019, announced his bid for the GOP nomination today.

While in the House he served on the Committee on Financial Services, as vice-chair of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, and as a member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. After just two years, was named to the Ways and Means Committees and Budget Committees.

In 2017, Renacci announced plans to run Ohio governor, but changed directions and ran against Democrat Sherrod Brown, who defeated Renacci.

Rep. Jim Renacci announces his run for Governor of Ohio

According to his campaign web site:

Plan To Put Ohio First

Immediate State Spending Freeze & Request Spending Reduction of 10-15% over first 12 months

○ Ohio Spends twice as much as states our size and almost the same as Florida, which is twice our size.

Full Tax Reform – We Tax Too Much

○ Revise and Remove C.A.T. tax.

○ Eliminate Income Tax over ten years.

○ Over time, execute a plan to move Ohio to a Consumption Tax.

Make Ohio A Sanctuary for Freedom

○ Second Amendment Sanctuary State.

○ Sanctuary against oppressive regulations and executive branch overreach.

○ Sanctuary against oppressive taxation and illegal immigration.

Wipe out corruption and “Pay to Play” Politics

○ After numerous scandals, it is time to root out the corrupt culture that has thrived in Columbus. Remaking the culture can be done by transparency and oversight. Make donations and State contracts public. No contracts or appointments for direct or indirect donors that exceed a threshold level.


Education Reform

○ Ohio must redirect educational dollars to early education.

○ Eliminate Common Core, Critical Race Theory, and other Liberal attacks on our students by saying NO and eliminating the federal funding that requires it.

○ Restore local control to Education by Dramatically reducing the State Department of Education

○ Promote and Encourage Vo-Tech Ed as early as middle school.


Eliminate Medicaid Expansion

○ Medicaid was established for the elderly, indigent, handicap and children. That is where the Medicaid program needs to be spending its dollars.

○ Ohio must roll back Medicaid Expansion, which is unsustainable, and make sure the funds we have are used only for the elderly, Indigent, handicapped and children.

○ Medicaid is taking up almost 50% of our state budget.


State Pension Reform

○ Today someone could work in the State Legislature for 25 years making $65,000 per year and retire to take an appointment to a State Department Job for $ 160,000 per year for five years (currently 3 years prior).

○ Their retirement pension will be based solely on the five years at $160,000 per year, not the 25 years $65,000.


Capitalize on Ohio’s Quality of Life Assets

○ Lake Fronts, Riverfronts, National Parks, and amenities.

○ Ohio can be a destination for travelers and residents to spend vacation and tourism dollars.

○ Airports on the Lake and Abandoned Properties on rivers turned into quality of life assets.


Ohio must decentralize state assets that are in Columbus

○ Columbus has grown and prospered because it is a City with two large government institutions, The Ohio State University and the State of Ohio’s government.

○ It is time many of these State institutions are decentralized and distributed throughout the State. Every job that can be redistributed to many of our other cities brings economic stability to that city along with an influx in families and economic activity.


Ohio must capitalize on our energy assets

○ Ohio should be an energy State, leveraging the vast oil and gas energy resources with which we have been blessed.


Restore the American Dream in Ohio

○ Create a culture for entrepreneurship.

○ Promote business diversity across the state.

○ Keep our young people in the State, working and raising a family.

○ Keep our Retirees in Ohio.


Eliminate “JOBS OHIO”

○ Jobs Ohio is a non-Governmental organization that is funded by liquor sales. It was intended to be a private organization to help with economic development. Given the organization’s track record, losing 6,200 jobs in 2019 has shown that the organization is woefully ineffective.

○ The overhead that this organization pays its staff and directors, in excess of 1.5 million dollars annually, could be better allocated by the state. Jobs Ohio has become a political slush fund for appointees of the Governor and Lt. Governor who often direct dollars to pet projects and to bolster their own political coffers. Jobs Ohio has become the poster child of “Pay for Play” in Ohio.