(1-18-21) Hannah Knapke (19) of Ft. Recovery has had her trial date set for September 20th-24th in the murder trial of Shea Briar (31) of Portland. Knapke will have a pretrial conference on September 7th. If convicted a murder charge in Indiana can carry a 45-65 year prison term.

Knapke’s trial had been set for February but was canceled in December when the Indiana Supreme Court ordered the suspensions of jury trials until March due to the pandemic.

It will be a year (January 22nd, 2020) since Knapke was arrested in Iowa for her part in the murder.

Before Knapke’s trial two others will have there day in court with connections in the murder, Esther Stephen (30) of Portland and Shelby Heistand (19) Portland. Stephen’s trial is set for March and Heistnad will have her case heard in August. According to court documents Heistand shot Briar once in the back.