Maxwell and Irish

(12-7-20) On Sunday the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office took 2 men into custody on felony charges including escape.

Shane Patrick Irish (44) faces a 5th degree felony charge of escape. Cody Jacob Maxwell (29) faces felony charges of possession of cocaine and a fentanyl related compound and escape.

Both men are being held in the Mercer County Detention Facility without bond pending a Common Pleas Court hearing.


(c) A felony of the fifth degree, when any of the following applies:

(i) The most serious offense for which the person was under detention is a misdemeanor.

(ii) The person was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and the person’s detention consisted of hospitalization, institutionalization, or confinement in a facility under an order made pursuant to or under authority of section 2945.40, 2945.401, or 2945.402 of the Revised Code.