(9-29-20) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine plans to sign House Bill 242, which will stop any city from banning plastic bags.

House Bill 242 would put a one-year moratorium on regulation regarding use of single-use plastic containers.

House Bill 242

Portions of the bill –

For twelve months after the effective date of the enactment of this section byH.B. 242 of the 133rd general assembly, no county that has adopted a charter under Section 3 of Article X, Ohio Constitution, may impose a fee, tax, assessment, or other charge on auxiliary containers, on the sales, use, or consumption of such containers, except as authorized in Chapters5739. and 5741. of the Revised Code, or on the basis of receipts received from the sale of suchcontainers. As used in this section, “auxiliary container” has the same meaning as in section 3767.32of the Revised Code.

“Auxiliary container”means a bag, can, cup, food or beverage service item, container,keg, bottle, or other packaging to which all of the following apply:

(a) It is designed to be either single use or reusable.

(b) It is made of cloth, paper, plastic, foamed or expanded plastic, cardboard, corrugatedmaterial, aluminum, metal, glass, postconsumer recycled material, or similar materials or substances,including coated, laminated, or multilayered substrates.

(c) It is designed for consuming, transporting, or protecting merchandise, food, or beveragesfrom or at a food service operation, retail food establishment, grocery, or any other type of retail,manufacturing, or distribution establishment.

DeWine’s Press Secretary, Dan Tierney said the reason for the Governor signing the is bill is due to COVID-19 and the chance of the virus spreading from touchable surfaces.

DeWine has been a strong supporter of home rule in the past, but Tierney said when it comes to health and safety measures lawmakers can supersede that home rule.