State Rep. Paul Zeltwanger

State Rep. Paul Zeltwanger

(4-27-20) Ohio GOP Lawmakers have put together a plan headed by state Rep. Paul Zeltwanger (R-Mason) who chairs the House’s Ohio 2020 Economic Recovery Task Force, has drawn the support of more than 30 members of the Ohio House’s Economic Recovery Task Force.

Their four-page “Open Ohio Responsibly” framework released Monday represents an alternative to the governor’s plans to slowly lift restrictions, contending that every business around the state should be given the opportunity to re-open on or before May 1.

The plan lists a series of guiding principles:

  • every business is essential
  • the state’s health care system is past the stage of concern
  • Ohioans are by and large responsible citizens capable of going about their business safely.

The plan refers businesses to follow CDC guidelines for re-opening, and envisions the governor issuing further direction to counties. Under the plan, the governor’s task force would monitor progress and share best practices as they develop.

The proposal says it respects-

“individuals, business owners and employees’ rights to choose how to protect themselves and their loved ones,”

– and that some businesses won’t feel ready to return to work safely.

“Businesses/organizations recognize if they do not make it safe for their employees and customers, they will not come back.”

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Ohio House Democrats also released a proposal bill  – “A Responsible Restart for Ohio.” Their plan outlines 10 items where they want to see a detailed policy roadmap as the economy begins reopening.  Topping the list are testing, contact tracing and hygiene.