(1-3-20) The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office has recently been made aware of a scam affecting the elderly of our area. A manager from a local business stated that an older gentleman came into the store claiming he received a call from the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office. The elderly gentleman stated that he was told he needed to buy $1000 in gift cards otherwise our office was going to come arrest him. This manager was able to talk him out of purchasing the gift cards, but the gentleman was still very upset. This manager stated that it is not the first time they have had people come in claiming the same scenario.

Please talk with your family and friends that do not have social media about this scam. Inform them that our office will never call them and demand gift cards to avoid arrest. Our office is sincerely appreciative of our local businesses for stepping in and recognizing when the elderly are being taken advantage of. If you feel that a love one has been taken advantage of, please contact your local law enforcement agency and report the fraud right away.