Jacob Staley

(11-26-19) Jacob Staley (18) of Celina has pleaded guilty to felony charges of theft from a person in a protected class and trespassing in a habitation. Staley is accused of gaining entry into a local garage in September and stealing a military issued assault pack that belonged to an active duty service member.

According to his inmate records, he is being held for numerous crimes, including underage consumption (awaiting hearing), criminal trespass (already convicted), theft (awaiting hearing) and burglary (awaiting hearing). He is still waiting for hearings in both the Celina Municipal Court and in Common Pleas Court.

Staley will be sentenced in Mercer County Common Pleas Court on December 23rd. Staley faces up to 30 months in prison and fine of $3,500. He is presently being held in the Mercer County Correctional Facility.