Richard Delzeith and Greg Homan
Richard Delzeith and Greg Homan

(10-22-19) The Mercer County Republican Central and Executive Committee met Monday evening to select a new county chair. Bob Hibner, (Republican Party Candidate Enhancement Committee) was chosen to preside over the selection process in front of a packed meeting room at the Richardson Bretz community center. Local attorney, Richard Delzeith who had been providing leadership as the Party’s Vice Chair was selected as the new Chair.

The chairmanship has been vacant since mid-August when Chairman Matt Gilmore stepped down, announcing that he would be running for Mercer County Probate Juvenile Judge in 2020.

Delzeith who had served as secretary for the Republican Party for five years prior to being elected Vice chairman in 2014 was considered by many to be the heir apparent. Rick is a partner in the law firm Gilmore and Delzeith, located at 118 West Market Street in Celina. He is president of the Mercer County Bar Association, and has served as legal counsel for the Village of St. Henry, Ohio since 2012 and is a member of the Ohio State Bar Association. He and his wife Jenny live in St. Henry.

Dave Kaiser (retired Mercer County Treasurer) spoke to the Central Committee members about Rick’s efforts to help build a strong Republican Party in Mercer County.

“I challenge anyone to name someone who has worked harder for the party than Rick”

As secretary and vice-chair Rick has helped in organizing just about every event sponsored by the local party, including community outreach efforts at the Mercer County Fair, helping organize several Republican Headquarters, annual dinners and hog roasts, he participated in phone banks and door to door lit drops for state, local and federal candidates, participated in representing the Party in Lake Festival and other community events.

Republicans currently hold the majority of County and City of Celina elected offices.

State Auditor Keith Faber said that Mercer County is considered one of the most, if not “the” most RED county in the state of Ohio.

Delzeith, challenged by Andrea Cahill of Celina, a new comer to local politics has significant accomplishments of her own and has also been a strong Republican advocate in Mercer County. She too, has been very active in Republican community outreach through local events, has been a supporter of the Republican Party’s Reagan Day Dinners, and has supported the Party and their state and local Republican Candidates.

Both are strong, well respected candidates, both are committed to the Republican Party, and to working together, each offering a list of past experience that they felt could serve to make the Republican Party even more viable. Both are successful local business people, both have served in leadership roles in various organizations, and both shared their vision and goals with similar strategies and hopes for including even more like minded conservatives in party activities that will build a strong Republican Party, not just in Mercer County, but statewide. They both bring new ideas for setting party goals for the 2020 election and beyond.

Andrea Cahill is a well-known public speaker and managing partner of Hot Brass Personal Defense located at 124 West Fayette in Celina. She and her husband Dave live in Celina.

The Republican Central Committee also elected Greg Homan to replace Rick Delzeith as the Republican Party Vice Chair. Greg is currently serving as a Mercer County Commissioner following his 2018 Election. He and his wife, Lori, live in Coldwater.