(9-10-19) The Celina City Council passed an ordinance last night authorizing the Law Director George Moore to begin litigation against First Financial Bank to request the Bryson Trust be merged into a public charity and the trust be terminated.

The Agenda sent to media sources did not include this ordinance under New Business.

City officials are unable to comment on this pending litigation.

bryson resolution 2

Presently the Bryson Estate has been the ‘sugar daddy’ for the new Bryson Park District that is presently being developed. The city has used the estate to spend millions of dollars with land purchases and upgrades for the park.

In an Outlook story from July of 2017 (Concerns Facing The Development of the Bryson Park District)

With the current set-up with the Bryson Estate, which includes the Mercer County Probate Court, the City has only 1/3rd in the final say of what takes place in the park district. Some Council members have concerns about that arrangement for the future.

Complete ordinance that was passed last night:

bryson resolution

bryson resolution 1