Celina, OH- (8-10-19) Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey today said the Sheriff’s Office is cooperating with several other law enforcement agencies in an attempt to locate Shawna Lynn Rue, age 33, last known address 201 S. Walnut St., Union City, IN.

On August 8, we received a report from Shawna Rue’s sister that she had been missing since Saturday, August 3.  Her sister reported that she might go by the name of Shawna Ressler as that is her married name.  Her sister advised that was the last time anyone had spoken to her was Saturday.

The sister reported to Mercer County as, at that time, she thought this was the last location Shawna was seen.  Shawna’s husband is currently incarcerated at the Mercer County Adult Detention facility and Shawna visited her husband from 6:40-7:00 PM.

Sgt Westgerdes then spoke to Shawna’s husband, Steve Ressler in the jail.  Mr. Ressler confirmed that he did have a visit with his wife on Saturday evening.  He stated that they talked about some issues that did not make Shawna happy.  He gave Sgt. Westgerdes some locations to check that Shawna may have went too.

Sgt Westgerdes contacted law enforcement agencies in those jurisdictions and she was not located at any of those locations.  Shawna’s sister advised that she had went to a residence in Union City where Shawna was most recently staying and learned that Shawna was not there.   That is when she decided to report her missing.

Sgt Westegerdes contacted the Sheriff’s Office IT department and had the surveillance videos pulled.  Shawna left the Sheriff’s Office in her Black Chevy Trailblazer and there was no indication of any foul play as she left the Sheriff’s Office.

Later Saturday evening, Shawna dropped her children off at their grandmother’s house in Union City, IN.  The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office and the Darke County Sheriff’s Office have both issued BOLO’s for Shawna.

Sheriff Grey-

“At this point, I don’t believe Mercer County has jurisdiction, it appears that she was fine when she dropped the children off, and that is her last known location at this time, which is not in Mercer County.  We are continuing efforts to locate Shawna, however, we have obtained no new leads.”


If anyone has any information on her whereabouts, please contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office at 419-586-7724 and we will then ensure the proper law enforcement agency is notified.