(5-25-19) In a local jury trial held this week at the Celina Municipal Court, Jeff Rasawehr (54) was found not guilty on 13 charges, with 11 counts being dismissed after a defense motion by Visiting Judge David Faulkner. Rasawehr was found guilty on two misdemeanor charges of menacing and another count of telecommunications harassment.


  • 13 counts of obstructing official business
  • 5 charges of menacing by stalking
  • 8 charges of telecommunications harassment.

The charges were originally filed in 2016, the case has been quite active with numerous motions being filed, including current Celina Municipal Court Judge Kathryn Speelman recusing herself from the trial.

The trial saw several Rasawehr family members and Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey testify during the trial.

Rasawehr is free on his own recognizance pending sentencing. A sentencing date has not yet been set.

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Although the case in Mercer County has been completed, the issue of Free Speech, which has been a key issue of the trial, may have just begun. With the recent announcement of the Ohio Supreme Court to hear the appeal filed by Rasawehr’s lawyers will be heard. The ruling in this case could have some impact on the jury’s recent decision.