cpd truck

(5-1-19) The U.S. Armed Forces has a division referred to as the Defense Logistics Agency – Disposition Services. They have the job to re-utilize, transfer or donate equipment no longer being used. It goes first between the branches of the various services and it not needed its offered to various agencies and ultimately is made available to local law enforcement.

In June of 2018 the Celina Police Department received a, M1078 2.5 ton cargo truck from this program. It is designed to traverse deep water. One of the main reasons it was requested was for its ability to get through high water in emergencies and to close roads for public safety.

Last week, on April 28, 2019, at about 2:15AM the truck was put to its intended purpose. Two teenage boys had been driving on Burkettesville-St. Henry Road when their car became overwhelmed by high water. The car was drowned out by the approximately 3-1/2 foot deep water and left the teens stranded.

The Celina Fire Department was called for a water rescue. Celina Police office, Patrolman Tyler Myers, was being trained in the truck and responded to the scene. Upon arrival Celina Fire Department requested that Patrolman Myers utilize the truck for the rescue. He picked up Firefighter Jon Schuum and began to drive through the water. Ptl. Myers said he could feel the current pushing the side of the truck and could not believe the much smaller car had made it as far as it did. The teens were pulled from the car and safely returned to high ground.