Story submitted, from – I WILL SPEAK – Adoption Advocates #allofus

Imagine you are three years old. You have just been to the courthouse to see your mom being taken to jail. Then, your dad is taking you from one house to the next. You are hiding in closets, under beds, and anywhere you can fit so the cops and CPS can’t find you. This whole time you are being told the Police are trying to take you. He tells you they arrested your mom and gave your sister to other people.

Imagine having that history and you just turned 3 last month. Then you are moved into another person’s house and they try to explain to you that the cops are good people. They are doing their job to keep you safe. You live with these people for almost a year and then return to live with your parents. Only to live with them for a few months before the cops bust into your motel room and arrest your parents again, but you are too young to understand their drug abuse.

Fast forward a few years. You are six, almost seven, and in a new school. You see cops all the time. What would you feel? Well, if you answered scared you would be correct. No matter how much love and support we give children, they will have those fears deep rooted.

Thank you so much to State Trooper John Westerfield of the Wapakoneta, Ohio State Highway Patrol for coming to speak with my daughter. Thank you Kelley Mele (teacher) for setting it up. I know that she will always have these deep rooted fears, but coming to her, showing her you are just a normal person who she doesn’t need to be afraid of, made a life long change for her. We were watching TV and there were cops and she was excited. She said,

“mom, look there are cops.”

This may not seem like much to some people, but when she used to hide her face or freak out, this is a great improvement. Thank you so much!!!