(4-13-23) The Twenty First Century Club met on March 28, 2023 at the Rockford United Methodist Church Café for a regular meeting. President Janet Steffy called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone with helpful tips on doing stand-up comedy. Roll-Call by Secretary Kim Carr was completed with everyone naming something that made them smile or laugh out loud daily. The treasurer’s report was given. The balance is $318.92.

Minutes from the February meeting were read and approved. Janet Steffy read a thank you from honorary member Barb Painter. Karla Butler thanked the members for past donations to Helping Hands and explained that food drives by the FFA and other organizations have replenished their stocks. She will let us know what to bring for the April meeting

“’Funny Girl’ – ‘Funny Guy’” the theme for the year was continued as Susan Coburn presented her program on comedian and actor Paul Lynde who was a true Ohioan born & raised in Ohio in 1926 in Mt. Vernon, OH. Paul grew up in ½ of a jail and he liked to mention that in his comedy acts. He dressed up as a kid and was a voracious eater. He ained so much weight as a young man that by the time he went to college as a Freshman, he weighed 200 lbs. He was a card and a cut-up, and met Cloris Leachman when hetook drama classes at Northwestern University. He was not a good student but managed to get his diploma. He lived with theatrical students. He drank alcohol to excess and was nasty when drunk. In college, he came out as a gay. Susan said Paul had the gift of delivery – zingers. Phyllis Diller was a good friend. He worked in Cabaret, Summer Stock, the TV series, The Flying Nun, Sitcoms, was the famous Uncle Arthur in Bewitched, his own comedy show, and was the voice in Charlotte’s Web movie. He was a gifted humorist in his time. Eventually, he stopped drinking but later died of a heart attack.

Twyla Hayes continued the evening program with her funny entertainer Patricia Heaton – famous for her role in Everybody Loves Raymond which ran 9 seasons. Born in 1958 in Bay city OH, she is living at 65 years old. Twyla commented that Patricia is Catholic and her mother died when she was very young. With 4 siblings and Patricia, her father kept the household in order. He was a sports writer for the Plain Dealer and her brother works at the paper, too. Her dad thought she’d become a journalist. She went to college but soon changed majors to Drama. She won 3 Emmys and is worth $40 million. Twyla used a game method (with a bell to indicate members had the answer) for helping members recite details on Patricia.

Delicious refreshments were served by Cindy Canary and Melanie Shindeldecker.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 25, 2023. Program leaders are Karla Butler and Valerie Fritzinger. The meeting will be held at the home of Susan Coburn with Rozann Maurer assisting as hostess.