Washington, DC(4-12-23) – On Tuesday, April 11, 2023, GOPAC announced the twenty-eight legislators in its 2023 class of Emerging Leaders. Nominated by the legislative leadership in their state, these legislators have demonstrated promise in positively impacting their state and rising within the Republican ranks.

State Representative Angie King (R-Celina) is the only selection listed from Ohio. King is presently in her first term in the Ohio House.

GOPAC Chairman David Avella

“Our 2023 class of Emerging Leaders is the next installment in our mission to build a roster of state Republicans who are focused on ideas to advance Americans’ personal and economic security, Whether it is leading in their state legislative chamber or running for higher office in the future, we welcome being part of their development and success.”

The prestigious GOPAC Emerging Leaders Program is a year-long initiative to educate the next generation of Republican legislators. The Program equips these legislators with information to help them legislate more effectively and ultimately achieve leadership roles within their state or run for higher office.

2023 GOPAC Emerging Leaders

  • Senator Donnie Chesteen (AL)
  • Senator Ben Gilmore (AR)
  • Senator Janae Shamp (AZ)
  • Senator Jim Boyd (FL)
  • Senator Brandon Beach (GA)
  • Senator Mike Bousselot (IA)
  • Senator Kyle Walker (IN)
  • Senator Amanda Mays Bledsoe (KY)
  • Senator Jordan Rasmusson (MN)
  • Senator Michael Lazarra (NC)
  • Senator Dean Murray (NY)
  • Senator Kristen Thompson (OK)
  • Senator Todd Pillion (VA)
  • Senator Nikki Torres (WA)
  • Senator Ben Queen (WV)
  • Representative Michael Carbone (AZ)
  • Representative Tiffany Esposito (FL)
  • Representative James Burchett (GA)
  • Representative Taylor Collins (IA)
  • Representative Laura Williams (KS)
  • Representative Dane Diehl (MO)
  • Representative Jarrod Lowery (NC)
  • Representative Angie King (OH)
  • Representative Mark Tedford (OK)
  • Representative Sylleste Davis (SC)
  • Representative Brock Martin (TN)
  • Representative David Cook (TX)
  • Delegate Mike Cherry (VA)


For more information on our roster of Emerging Leaders please visit https://www.gopac.org/emerging-leaders