(1-28-23) Kyle Bruce announces his first official bid for one of three at-large city council seats for election in 2023.

Kyle Bruce said-

“I have had the privilege of being raised in Celina, where selflessness, kindness, and a sense of community was always modeled.I have seen members of this community going through tough times, and nobody rallies around their neighbors like we do in Celina. This community had my back when I was in need, and I just want the opportunity to return that favor two-fold.”

Growing up at his family’s restaurant, Kyle was surrounded by a family of hard working people, a trait that was not lost on him and would be brought to the city council, if elected. He started washing the windows at Pullman Bay Restaurant at age 12, ensuring patrons always had a clear view of our beautiful lake, and he quickly earned himself a promotion to the dish room, then the kitchen.

At age 19, Kyle and three other Celina residents saw a need in the community and sprang into action, starting the non-profit Small Town Pride – Celina, which will celebrate its fourth year in the Summer of 2023. Born and raised in Celina, Kyle moved to Cincinnati at age 20 and brought his Mercer County work ethic with him. Because of this work ethic, he found himself in a position of leadership in seven months. After a short time, he moved back to Celina and brought that experience back to his family’s business. Kyle now helps his mother and sister run Pullman Bay and is the lead baker in making Celina’s very well-known cakes and pies.

Bruce added-

“I am not running for my own interests or to further an agenda. I am running because I care about this community, and I want to be an advocate for a stronger, more prosperous Celina.”