(1-19-23) Dalton Sherard (18) of Celina was arrested by the Celina Police Department on a 1st degree misdemeanor charge of Telecommunications Harassment-Sexual Activity.

Yesterday in Celina Municipal Court Sherard pleaded no contest and was found guilty by the Judge. He was given a 60 day suspension of a jail term and released.

Terms of his release include –

  • no contact with juvenile victim
  • follow community control sanctions for 3 years
  • complete counseling
  • not to change address without court permission
  • pay $186.50 in court costs

Did you know…

What is a no contest plea?

A no contest plea is similar to a guilty plea. When you plead no contest, you are technically admitting that you are guilty of the crime being charged. And you face the same jail or prison sentence that you would if you pleaded guilty.