(10-24-22) Over the last several months, the Greenville Police Department has been working with several agencies to help clean up the trash in the city park areas. Two weeks ago, the Darke County Health Department conducted an inspection of the conditions underneath the North Broadway Bridge. Trash to include food waste, human feces, and drugs/drug paraphernalia were observed during the inspection.

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Last week, a notice was posted for any persons with personal belongings under the bridge to clean the items up within 72 hours or they would be removed.

Today the city of Greenville Street Department along with the Police Department conducted an inspection under the bridge and found there to still be a large amount of trash and debris under the bridge. The Street Department removed all trash items under the bridge. Some items that appeared to possibly be personal belongings were left under the bridge and will be removed in 72 hours if not removed. The conditions under the bridge were completely unsanitary and not safe for citizens. The Police Department thanks all agencies involved for helping clean the park areas up to make our city a safer place.