HARTFORD CITY, Ind. (9-1-22) — A Blackford County woman, Brandi Bare, charged in a crash that killed two members of a Montpelier family has failed in a bid to have her trial moved to another county.

Bare (46) of Montpelier, is charged with six felonies:

  • two counts each of causing death when driving while intoxicated
  • reckless homicide
  • causing serious bodily injury when driving while intoxicated.

Prosecutors allege Bare was intoxicated on the evening of June 2, when her car crashed into a home at 165 W. Blaine Street in Montpelier.

At the request of prosecutors, her bond was increased from $5,000 to $50,000.

The two most serious charges the Blackford County woman faces are Level 4 felonies carrying maximum 12-year prison terms.

The house’s owner, Jerry A. “Jake” Michael (73) was killed, as was his great-grandson, Jenson Reynolds (5).

Two other family members were also injured :

  • Jenson’s two year old sister
  • their father

Bare’s trial, in Blackford Superior Court, is set to begin on Sept. 13.

Facebook and Change.org Petitions

Judge John N. Barry denied defense attorney Jarred Eib’s motion for a change of venue.

Eib reported that “family members of the decedents… have engaged in a campaign via Facebook to publicize this cause in an effort to influence this case.”

It noted a Facebook posting that called for supporters to attend a pre-trial hearing “to come and help us serve justice!”

After her arrest, more than 10,000 people signed an online petition asking that Bare be held without bond.

FACEBOOK page: Justice for Jake and Jenson, has over 2,100 members, according to the page –

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