ST. MARYS – Due to a component failure in the carbon dioxide feed system, the City of St. Marys
is unable to soften its drinking water at this time. Currently water from our four wells is being
filtered, chlorinated and pumped to the distribution system. Drinking water continues to meet
Ohio EPA guidelines and continues to be safe for consumption.

Residents can expect higher hardness and iron values will affect the water’s taste, smell, and
color. Hard water can form scale which can lead to water spots on glassware, metal and other
materials. Iron may give water a metallic taste and can cause yellow, red or brown stains on
dishes, laundry and plumbing fixtures. Currently staff at the water plant is investigating and
taking the necessary steps to correct the problem as soon as possible.

For more information, contact the water plant at 419-300-3167 or Kelly Jutte at 419-394-4414