(7-6-22) Last night the Village of Yellow Springs passed resolutions that are the first steps toward taking action against the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The first resolution states that the village council rebukes the decision to overrule Roe v. Wade.

The second resolution establishes Yellow Spring’s intention to not prioritize enforcement of state laws that criminalize abortion.

Reading of Resolution 2022-43 Dissenting from the United States Supreme Court Decision to Overturn the Roe V. Wade Ruling

Reading of Resolution 2022-44 Establishing the Village of Yellow Springs’ Intention Not to Prioritize Enforcement of State Laws that Criminalize Abortion

We Must Move Forward & We Won’t Go Back! – A Letter from Village Council


Brian Housh
Village of Yellow Springs Council President

We Must Move Forward & We Won’t Go Back!

The Village of Yellow Springs will continue to actively advocate for the reproductive rights of women, which includes ensuring equitable access to safe abortions. 

Dear Village of Yellow Springs Community Members,

We know after the June 24th Supreme Court decision that many of us feel angry, frustrated, hopeless, fearful, and/or just want to cry; a resident’s comment that “half the citizens of Yellow Springs became second class citizens today” captures those thoughts well.  Processing this decision that our Supreme Court has made on behalf of a minority who feel the need to impose their personal moral and religious beliefs on others – an undemocratic pursuit – will continue to be challenging.

We want to affirm that your local government will continue to stand up for the rights of women to reproductive freedom and to the full range of reproductive health care, which reflects the beliefs of the majority of Ohioans and Americans.  No one has the right to control women’s personal choices related to their bodies.

Also, we want to suggest a “We Choose…” perspective as we move forward – NOT backward – with what will be another fight to rebuild, reclaim, fortify and promote these fundamental rights that have been called into question primarily for political reasons.  YS may be a ‘blue dot in a sea of red’ but we can join with others across the country in this fight.  So, we can CHOOSE…

  • To not just vote, but to also make sure that we help get other people, particularly our younger generations, to the polls;
  • To support businesses & organizations who are taking a stand to support the expenses of their employees who choose to get abortions;
  • To push elected officials and other leaders to not compromise on dignity & freedom;
  • To be fearless and to employ our anger in constructive pursuits that ensure all people can participate fully and equally in society;
  • To stay together and coordinate our efforts, recognizing that our current divisiveness has helped to pave the way for a minority to effectively remove fundamental Constitutional protections.

Our community will continue to actively represent justice.  States taking away rights from their citizens will suffer – losing diversity, young & talented individuals and involved community members – while those of us working in a focused, collaborative and intentional manner will continue positive change and make a difference by cementing fundamental rights in our country.

Certainly, most of us will continue to feel raw and try out best to manage negative emotions.  This decision confirms that fundamental rights are still at risk, reminding us that we must stay vigilant but that we can make a difference.

Take Care & Actively protect women’s access to safe, legal abortions,

On Behalf of Yellow Springs Village Council