(6-10-22) According to their Facebook page a very small group of members of the far left wing group Our Revolution were in Lima to protest Jim Jordan as a candidate due to his supposed involvement in the Capitol incident on January 6th, 2021-

Sen. Sanders launched Our Revolution to empower everyday Americans to stand up to corporate interests

Lisa Rapaszky, from Cleveland Heights told the Lima News

“We are here today, calling on Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose to do his duty set forth by the Constitution and block insurrectionists from the ballot … The theory is simple. When lawmakers are elected, they take an oath to defend our government from all enemies, foreign and domestic. By encouraging a violent attack on our Capitol to block the peaceful transfer of power, insurrectionists made themselves ineligible for re-election. We are resolved to hold state election officials accountable and we are trying to make appointments with different Secretaries of State all over the country.”

The effort gained traction after last night’s ‘circus like’ atmosphere during the hearings that were broadcast in prime time on three TV Networks.

Tweet from their Twitter account –

January 6th Committee @January6thCmte

This is only just the beginning. In the weeks to come, we’ll continue to investigate & unveil our initial findings about those responsible for the January 6th attack. We have spent months conducting a serious, bipartisan investigation to give Americans the answers they deserve.

Kinzinger, who claims to be a Republican, has been outspoken on his dislikes for President Trump and has a vendetta to prove that a conspiracy to overthrow the government on January 6th happened and his desires to burn those involved.

It comes as no surprise to many that this committee has already decided the outcome.

Is this a Mueller Report sequel?